Introduction: Hello and welcome whoever is reading this! My name is Jason Cain. I’m a 16 year old guy with the hopes of making it through life and make a difference. If I can impact one person’s life for the better I will feel accomplished! I’m an avid christian who is trying to learn the true meaning of the doctrine which I believe. My religious views are based on scripture and I don’t necessarily believe everything just because I was taught it.

I have the greatest friends who support what I do. We support each other in order to achieve a greater good. We hang out everyday yet come from different backgrounds, schools, and different ages. We mend well together and form a great group of guys. I also currently have a girlfriend who means so much to me! She makes me incredibly happy and I’m super blessed to have her in my life. I am the youngest of three kids. My sisters are 23 and 19. We never really get into many fights or arguments and we just mesh well. We love each other and we love the family we were put into. My parents are great and supporting. I’m so happy I have all these wonderful people in my life.

Life Goals: I am currently a sophomore in high school, yet I am starting college this summer. I have the opportunity to take part in  a new program called Missouri Innovation Campus and Summit Technology Academy. In this program I will be working on graduation for high school and requirements for an associates degree in some sort of computer networking field. I will have the opportunity to take part in a paid internship my senior year and with that and financial aid from the MIC I will receive a free associates degree. I hope to complete college two years after high school graduation and go straight into the work force.  I also hope to become a missionary for my church in any fashion. Whether it be over seas or next door, I hope to spread the love of Jesus Christ!  I just want to make a difference in the world.

Why Blog? – I find blogging an excellent outlet to express my opinions. I’m very interested in technology, movies, video games, life, people, relationships, and current events and I need a way to express my interests. I’ve had a few unsuccessful blogs in the past dedicated to technology, but now I feel I have more information and my own opinions on many issues. I want to try and make this blog a well rounded, successful blog.

What About? – In my brain-storming I have come up with many ideas on what I want to talk about and post on this blog. I hope to post more than once a week but I can’t say daily. The categories I will be covering is… Everything! I will be reviewing any gadgets I can get my hands on, games I’ve been playing, this summer will be great for movies and I hope to post some reviews, review TV shows, old and new, maybe share my opinions on headline news, share some of my personal life (not too deep! C’mon son!), academics, relationships, anything else I can think of. This blog will seriously be the inner workings of my brain on the interwebs. I may consider doing videos as well to accompany blog posts since people are lazy, but that’s no guarantee! I’m also considering gaming commentaries. Anything I want to do will be on here.

Yep! That’s about it: Thanks for reading if you did. Please come back if you feel the need to read up on some teenage thought processes, problems, opinions, and more! It’s all going to be right here.

-Jason Cain, Person.


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